Suspension Repair and Maintenance

Your suspension is what connects your wheels to the rest of your vehicle. A properly maintained suspension allows you to drive straight, turn and brake safely, and reduces the bumps, vibrations, and noise from the road.


These are warning signs that your suspension requires maintenance:


  • Pulling to the side while driving. This is a sign that your suspension is out of alignment or that your tires are not properly inflated.

  • Vibrations in the car and steering wheel while driving. This is usually caused by your tires not being evenly balanced.

  • Tires losing contact in wet or icy conditions. This can be an indication that the suspension has become loose and is not making solid contact with the road.

  • Bumpy or jarring ride. This is also a result of a worn out suspension.

  • Difficulty steering. This can be the result of low power steering fluid.

  • Tires balding on one side. This is the result of the tires not being at a 90 degree angle to the ground.

  • Squealing while turning. This is often a sign of a worn out power steering belt.


A full inspection done at our auto shop will include inspection of the following:


  • Power steering fluid check

  • Wheel alignment check

  • Tire balance check

  • Tire pressure check

  • CV joint check

  • Shock and struts check

  • Springs check

  • Power steering / Rack and Pinion systems

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The suspension keeps your automobile’s tires in close contact with the ground. This helps you to stop quickly in wet road conditions and avoid road hazards in emergency conditions. We have ASE certified technicians and the highest quality equipment in the automotive industry to help ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle.