Evelyn R. from San Ramon, CA

"I can't even begin to start how impressed I was with Gustavo and the company! My car, 2011 XC90, suddenly had this high-pitched screeching noise coming from under the hood and it completely freaked me out. I looked around for a shop and since I know how difficult Volvos can be, I wanted to find somebody who specialized in these cars.
I found this company through other yelp reviews and decided to give him a call. He answered the phone after two rings and when I explained the problem, he told me to safely and slowly drive the car over here if I was comfortable enough. When I brought it over, I told him I needed to have the car taken care of as soon as possible because the Thanksgiving holidays are around the season and I needed to have my car. He told me that he would give me the best price and the best service within the quickest amount of time. Within 36 hours, I had my car back in for a fraction of the cost if I had taken it to the Volvo dealership. He was very communicative with me, very kind, and I did not feel like I was being used or taken advantage of because I was a female. I will continue coming back to Gustavo and this company. Very, very impressed with everything."

Josh K. from Fremont, CA

"Gustavo did an incredible job getting my Volvo V70 back in shape. I had major oil leaks going on and really needed some work done. Gustavo was very patient and detail oriented about the whole process. He called me every step of the way filling me in on how the process was going. He managed to also fix my door that couldn't open from the inside. He looked around and found a place to replace all the parts he needed very promptly. At the end of the day, his rates were more than reasonable for the amount of work that he did. I can't recommend him enough for anyone who has a Volvo."

Ali K. from Fremont, CA

"Been going here for years. New location is a little hard to find but should not be an issue for those in search of a trusted mechanic. Lee was great but Gustavo is even better. High quality and reasonable prices. Completely down to earth and honest. I have no doubts or worries when I take my car in. Highly recommended. Volvo for life."

Tony P. from Fremont, CA 

"Lee recently sold the business to his longtime associate Gustavo. I was apprehensive about the transfer. I took my car down for Gustavo for a noise issue in the brakes, and he was as good as Lee! He looked at it carefully and said it was probably just dirt in the pads. He didn't charge me anything! So he's as honest and competent as Lee. And he's got a welcoming personality too! I'll be back for sure."

Pam K.

"Been going to Lee for 5 years. He keeps my 12 year old Volvo running like a new car. Echoing another reviewer, not the cheapest, but THE best quality. You get what you pay for. And the cats. I love that he takes care of the cats."

Chris C. from Oakland, CA

"IF you have a Volvo and IF you want it serviced at the highest level of technical competence THEN volvodiagnosis.com and LEE is your best choice in the Bay Area. The proof is that when other auto repair places in the area have  complex issue with a Volvo this is where they turn.  In some cases it may not be the fastest or lowest price solution but this high level of technical expertise takes brains, experience, time, and top notch equipment so you get your money's worth here."

Sarah M.

"Wanted to buy a used Volvo xc90 from a private seller. He showed me a clean carfax and said the car was in great condition. I was about to purchase it but thought I'd get it checked out first. I am SO happy I found this place! Not only did they walk me through all of the things wrong with the car, they showed me the car had been in an accident and Volvo body parts were replaced with cheaper versions which could affect the safety. These guys were professional, honest and helped prevent me from buying a clunker! I ended up finding a Volvo and I will certainly be taking it here to be serviced!"

Dana K. from Hayward, CA

"My family and I have had our cars serviced here for years. Lee and his crew are friendly and honest. The service is always very reasonable and fast. We love this place! Take your car to Lee...you wont regret it."

Vanessa A. from Berkeley, CA

"We've been servicing our '98 Volvo turbo wagon here since 2003. The prior owner of our car told us horror stories about myriad problems resulting from and actually caused by servicing the car at the dealer and highly recommended Auto Diagnosis. Lee, the owner, runs a clean, efficient, no-nonsense VOLVO ONLY outfit in Fremont. He's worked with Volvos for 30 years and he even used to race them! We also really like his resident mechanic, Gustavo, who is knowledgeable and friendly. We live in Berkeley and we make the trip to Fremont because we trust him and because we know how many shady Volvo "experts" there are in the Bay Area. Lee can seem a little gruff or impatient over the phone but don't take it personally and you'll be fine."

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