Engine Repair and Maintenance

The engine is the power plant of your car. It provides power to move, electricity to your headlights, and is tied to almost every function of your vehicle. Problems with your engine or how it interacts with the other systems of your car can reduce mileage, increase emissions, cause problems with other systems and ultimately cost you money. These problems can often be related to other parts of your vehicle and should be properly checked by a trained technician.


Some of the warning signs are:


  • Solid Check Engine Light. This may be a problem with the engine or a connected part of your vehicle and should be checked as soon as possible.

  • Blinking check engine light. If this light is blinking, there is a critical malfunction within your vehicle and should be serviced immediately.

  • Engine sputtering or hesitating. This can be caused by an improper fuel – air mixture or failing spark plugs.

  • Reduced fuel economy. Poor fuel to air mixtures can cause this and cost you extra money at the pump.

  • Gasoline smell. This can be caused by bad seals in your fuel system

  • Black Exhaust. This is a sign that your engine is burning oil and can be caused by bad seals.

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Our technicians will check the following to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle:


  • Experienced analysis of your vehicle’s computer codes

  • Check the air intake for dirt, debris and obstructions

  • Test the fuel line system

  • Verify the integrity of hoses, pumps and valves


Due to the interconnectedness of the engine to the rest of your vehicle an accurate diagnosis can be tricky. Less experienced garages may keep replacing parts until they get it right and create an expensive repair bill for you in the process. Our ASE certified technicians have years of training and experience to properly diagnose engine problems the first time.